I have been contemplating if I should or should not publicly bash a new restaurant I went to a few days ago. My decision to mention it in this blog is evidence of my decision.

After a blurb in Daily candy my friend and I decided to test out Straits. It inhabits what used to be Spice. After a slick website visit and promising menu I was sold. At least visually.

Upon arrival, an early one at that due to a 7 pm show down the road, the restaurant is virtually empty of anyone that isn’t service staff. It’s attractive enough inside. I hear Timberlake and Kanye West on the speakers. The hostesses are too young for red lipstick and 4” heels. The gold lame pillows on some of the seats aren’t in good taste while the sun still shines in the windows but perhaps at night the girls look over 25 and the pillows less gaudy. At 5:30 none of it was ringing my bell. My lemongrass mojito sure did though.

We order four small plates and immediately the first plate was a simple dish that in my opinion isn’t hard to make correctly. It’s not good. We both cringe at first bite. Next plate out had virtually the same effect. The next two came together and were quite tasty but the first two were returned and I was swift to give the manager an earful. As a professional cook I found these rather rudimentary dishes embarrassingly bad. How could any chef send out tasteless food? It is Thai after all. Thai is heady and perfumy. Titillates the senses. Nothing about these two dishes were titillating or even edible.

Management was kind enough to give us desserts free of charge. If they had not been free of charge they would have both been sent back as well. Just not worth money. If you’re paying for food my philosophy is the food better be delicious. If it’s not why did you bother going out to eat? I will not return to straits or recommend it to others.