Lesser known Italians

I have had a client request me to do a meal inspired by the Pope's recent visit to America. Simple enough. I decided I wanted to do a wine pairing with each course. Again, simple enough. Or maybe not? After looking long and hard at the menu items I decided upon they all need to be matched with a white wine and of course they should be Italian wines. Thus far in my professional wine career Italian wines aren't something I favor. Perhaps due to lack of exposure. I adore the wines of Spain. French wines have a charm no other wines have. The United States Pacific coast has wines I can't deny the beauty of. Even the land down under has impressive wines but Italy just hasn't yet won my heart over. YET being the operative word.

Nowhere do I want the ever familiar pinot grigio on this menu. I am taking this opportunity to explore the "other whites" of Italy and open my heart to the wines of the country and perhaps along the way they too will win my heart as many other great wine regions of the world have. Along the way I will explore gavi, orvieto, soave, arneis, verdicchio and some asti's.

My first bottle in this endeavor was today. I got an Orvieto. It's drinkable and light-certainly well suited to warm weather and52192.jpg light food. I will find another producer of it before I give my final opinion.  My heart isn't sold yet.