A timely topic revisited

You remember Morgan Spurlock. The man that supersized himself. He's lost all his Mcfat. Now hosts a documentary style show on FX-30 days days. I am thrilled he is bringing the rather provacative series back this week. One episode in particular got me to thinking. I did write on this two years ago but it is more timely than ever now. If you go to the homepage (unless they don't have season one still online) and look at the episodes you'll see one titled OFF THE GRID. Two New Yorkers are sent to live in an eco-friendly community.

It really gave a wake up call to how much energy we use, each of us, here in the US. I live in a city of gas hogs. People that don't mind driving an hour to work. Driving a car that gets horrible gas mileage to boot. What's with driving a vehicle that get less than 25 MPG? Then to drive in excess of 200 miles a week just furthers my irritation but alas I can only worry about myself and my impact on the environment. I made a conscious choice back in 1998 to not work anywhere more than 15 miles from home. I hear people whine,"well it must be nice to do that". Anyone can do that. There really is opportunity everywhere. Open your eyes. Or move! At least take public transportation if it's available.

Then it was pointed out how much being a meat eater costs our resources. Land to raise grain to feed the animals. Planes to crop dust pesticides. Hormones to pump into the animals. Land to raise the animals. Slaughter space. Fuel to truck the meat to markets. I don't think about all this when I am eating a steak. Or I should say I didn't - but I do now. Also buying locally grown food helps aid in the reduction of fuel costs.

All this has me thinking about what I have and what I can live without. I do make a conscious effort to somewhat modestly and responsibly. I don't drive more than necessary. I recycle religiously. I could do more but then again couldn't we all?