Stephanie Anderson


Stephanie Anderson

I have sung the praises of my favorite restaurant in Atlanta, One. For years this place has not let me down even once. While concentrics restaurant group has been consistently disappointing me, One and now Two are the only ones in the group that I give repeat business. I had occasion to dine at Two Monday night for restaurant week. An appetizing 3 courses for $25 was up to bat. Who doesn't love a bargain?

I thought this an opportune time to try new things. None of my favorites were included in this offering. I still had us order the oysters. It's my favorite thing on the menu and will not leave there without some. Flash fried delicious sea creatures with two sauces to perfectly compliment them as well as each other.

Salmon chips, a giant fried slice of thin potato topped with generous portions of flaked farm salmon, capers and red onion to start the meal. Yum. Well, as yum as farmed salmon can be that is. Dinner? Bistro fillet with lots of pablanos, corn and mashed potatoes. simple yet delicious and my steak was cooked PERFECTLY. All of our steaks were.  Dessert was a trio of darling small cupcakes. One each carrot, banana and chocolate each with delicious complimenting icing and a side of maple ice cream. This place makes me happy. I have fond memories of every meal I've ever eaten there.

Two, I will be back, again and again.