Stephanie Anderson

Pork is the most revered product in the culinary world. Iberian Pig- a review

Stephanie Anderson
I had the great pleasure of dining at the newly opened Iberian Pig in Decatur last night. Daily candy readers may have noticed their feature a few weeks ago (see below). I had it bookmarked in my brain almost instantly as I read through the enticing menu.

Located in the row of restaurants alongside the Decatur Marta station. You never know where greatness is lurking but I found it here. upon entering it feels warm and inviting. Fine dining elegant without all the pretense. Warm welcoming staff seated us quickly (no reservation but I would suggest one on a weekend).

Choosing menu items was a challenge. We wanted one of everything! We placed orders for cheeses, serrano ham, sausages, etc. Salads (flavorful and interesting) came out. One incredible bite after another! My cheese and ham tray had an absolutely exquisite espresso aioli. It was so light and luscious! My fellow diners requested more bread to sop up what I didn't use.

The attentive waiter offered us a special fillet that we could not resist. Perfectly cooked and generously portioned. Spicy cinnamony churros with chocolate for dessert. Delicious!

Iberian pig is pure hog heaven.

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