Stephanie Anderson

Craft-a review

Stephanie Anderson
I finally made it to Craft Atlanta. It's a beautiful space. Cozy and inviting.

First up I ordered some raw oysters. Generally not something I order inland however when fine dining I have no worries about such things. I was disappointed with the accoutrement. I don't know when mignonette got so popular (to the point of it being served exclusively) with oysters but I have never enjoyed it adorning my sea creatures. I asked for what was shockingly missing: fresh horseradish. Yes I like it old school. Lemon, horseradish and tobasco. The waiter quickly remedied that and now my oysters were sheer perfection. They tasted like vacation which is how they should taste. As opposed to tasting like a foot.

Next up were the entrees. I can't resist a short rib so that is what I had served up to me. It came out in an individual iron dutch oven vessel. Large, tender and succulent. Simple clean yet perfect flavor. My dining companion had the heritage pork loin which was presented rather impressively. Sliced up loin with two ribs along the side. Who doesn't get excited over seeing some rib bones especially in fine dining!? Delicious. Incredibly light and impressive gnocchi and the most incredibly roasted wild mushrooms. I never knew they could taste so good. Those cooks have magic in them.

A component of dessert was for me the most impressive part of the meal. I had the valrhona chocolate cake with malt ice cream. That ice cream is magnificent! Thought provoking and complex. Smokey, sweet, creamy and a hint of saltiness. The panna cotta was well textured but a bit blah. Go for the chocolate cake or better yet the ice cream alone.

I found the service to be too much service. I can't say if that's due to the fact that it wasn't a full house (even on a Friday night it had some open tables) or if the staff is trained to be that way. All in all I give it a 4.5 out of 5.