Stephanie Anderson

Fresh vs. Frito Lay?

Stephanie Anderson

Fresh vs. Frito Lay

I am not going to attack snack food companies in this entry. I am simply going to point out the absurdity of the fact that premade food (or convenience items as the case may be) cost less than fresh food. With this continuing to be the trend I don’t know how the obesity epidemic will ever end in this country.

With the demand for corn and oil down Frito Lay is increasing the bag size of some products without changing the price thus giving the consumer more value for their money. Note I said VALUE and not nutrition. I bought a gorgeous huge creamy perfect head of cauliflower a few days ago at my local mega mart for $2.99. On the endcap by the checkout lanes was a buy one get one free display of Doritos for $2.99. What is the consumer going to chose?

Fast forward 4 days later. I am shopping in Fresh Market. Granted, not the most budget friendly of stores but quality comes at a price doesn’t it? I am drawn to huge gorgeous ruby red grapefruit. They are $1.99 EACH. Next to it is a basket of no nutritional value white French loaf priced at $1.99 EACH. Mind you their snack aisle is only ¼ of a petite aisle vs. the full enormous aisle at the megamart. Fresh is right!

Will the recession make some people that opt for volume over health benefits heavier? I call it the recession diet. It’s not pretty.

Is the answer for the manufacturers to raise their prices to be prohibitive? That won’t ever happen because it’s a business. No business cares about your health. Sounds like the insurance companies doesn’t it? Your bottom line or theirs is the question.