Stephanie Anderson

Making rugelach

Stephanie Anderson

Rugelach is a special cookie. It's not a drop or roll cookie full of eggs and sugar. Flour yes but equal parts butter and cream cheese with flour only to hold the dough together. It's become one of my favorites. buying it premade is a gamble so I play it safe and make it myself to ensure I am never disappointed.

After chilling the dough overnight assemble the goods:  Rolling pin, pastry cloth, flour, icing sugar, ground hazelnuts, dark cocoa powder and miniature chocolate chips.



Next let the games begin!


shape is important for the cutting process. ROUND.

Now to make it tasty, sprinkle first with sugar and a hint of cinnamon to develop layers of flavor. Yes you can do that with a cookie and not just savory food.


More flavor. Cocoa , ground nuts and mini chocolate chips



I recommend a pizza cutter. I don't eat pizza so baking is the only time I get to use my wheel.





Roll up each wedge into the rugelach shape forming delicate crescent like cookies.  Chill them for 30 minutes before baking.