Stephanie Anderson

My week in food

Stephanie Anderson

Let the best rise to the top

I do so enjoy organic dairy products. They really taste better than non organic. I needed full fat yogurt to test a sauce to accompany the pistachio cake and opted to grab this cream on top stonyfield brand. To my delight upon opening it to drain,  I see that cream on top gem. In went a spoon and that spoon went into my mouth. There are no words. Get yourself some now. This isn’t you fooling yourself with some 70 calorie “light” yogurt full of sugar, gums and flavorings to make your body think it’s getting some fatty French bakery treat. This is real decadence. At the end of the day I refuse to feel guilt over natural fat. It’s the manufactured fat that is so bothersome. All  good things in moderation.

The Next Food Network Star

I have to give this woman props. The next food network star winner. Melissa D’Arabain.  What REALLY impresses me is the fact that the episode her fellow contestant rolled his at her, he was eliminated (for rolling his eyes at her) but that she proceeded to move on to win the whole show. In your face pal. She’s darling and I wish her all the best. Many of the winners never made it past their 6 episodes so time will tell what kind of star power she has.






Taking the spice out of the East

I've been toying around with the idea of a pistachio cake for a starter course on my menu. I tested out my initial idea a few days ago. Success!  Behold the pistachio fritter. It's a close relative of the falafel without all the seasoning a falafel has.  Using 100% nuts would make the fritter too high in calories so I cut it with traditional garbanzos. Crispy nutty and delicious. Especially with that cream on top yogurt full of lemon and italian parsley.