Stephanie Anderson

The gluten free test : part one

Stephanie Anderson

Due to the increasing demands of gluten free options for clients I am officially launching my gluten free carb alternatives test. 

Test case today:

Loyal readers know pasta is not high on my list of what to eat but I am in the minority here. This is a brown rice flour based pasta. This intrigued me. Rice happens to be my jam. I adore it. Brown, white, red, black and wild. Bring it on.  I very much enjoy rice noodles in Thai applications but upon opening the box, this pasta is no familiar Thai delight.  The instructions closely resemble wheat pasta but with a stern warning: DO NOT OVERCOOK.  5-9 minutes. Minute 5? nope. not even close. Minute 7? Gummy but done enough that I am not willing to let it go for 9.   

Now, I will give the advice here that I give nutrition clients. When you are eating something that is taking the place of something that needs to come out of your diet, do not compare it to what it is replacing but rather appreciate it for what it is and don't expect it to taste like something it is not. Apples and oranges. 

Final verdict: It is acceptable tasting. No odd flavor and once sauced it's a perfectly fine alternative to durham wheat pasta.  It won't lead you to believe you're eating pad thai.