Stephanie Anderson

Greek Yogurt. Revisited.

Stephanie Anderson

Revisiting the Greek Yogurt topic as it's worthy of multiple postings. This time we have some side by side comparisons.

For a few short years now Fage has reigned supreme in this market.  It is the gold standard. Seriously a thick yogurt you can eat straight without sweetening it to get it down your throat is some feat to pull off. And to pull of the hefty price tag.

More recently along comes Chobani

It is a very fine product. I have only had plain and pinapple thus far but have enjoyed both as much as Fage. Smooth velvety and ultra thick, as it should be. Kudos to you also, Chobani.

Not to miss out on the trend Yoplait decides to get on the bandwagon.

For shame Yoplait. Short cut taking does not a good yogurt make.  This is to be strained of excess liquid. Not thicken the liquid so you don’t have to strain it with gelatin! It’s mealy and entirely unpleasant. The same price point as Chobani but not the same quality.  Eating it plain is not an option.  Sure it has the higher protein content Greek yogurt has but that seems to be due to the other additive of milk protein concentrate.


Also Yoplait has a disclaimer on the package:

“no significant  difference has been  shown between milk that has been treated with rBst/rBgh. “  This is cow growth hormone.  Nuff said.