Stephanie Anderson

Harbour bar and Fish House. A Review

Stephanie Anderson

Situated in a charming house in Decatur is this beachy seafood eatery. I happened in on Tuesday night which appears to be trivia night.  I get a feeling it's marketed to the local Decatur crowd. Not an unwise tactic.

The menu is standard fish and chip type fare. Again, not an unwise tactic. The decor is coastal classy but not stuffy. If only there were a body of water nearby. I found the staff to be perfectly attentive.

I started dinner off with a Habourita. Really just a waterglass full of margarita with a kiss of sprite. Refreshing indeed! 

Starters delivered to us were the lobster corn chowder and clam cakes. The chowder cup is generously garnished with lobster and bacon. The soup itself wasn't quite as flavorful as I'd expect. It has a light heat finish. I did eat it all so it certainly wasn't terrible.  The clam cakes are tasty! crispy warm chewey and nicely flavored. It's also the first taste of the signature jalapeno tartar sauce. Creamy spicy and a perfect accompaniment to the basket of cripsy goodness.    

clam cakesI ordered a combo basket for dinner. Oysters and shrimp. Both crisp and delicious. Not overcooked or greasy. The fries are particularly good and hushpuppies that maybe were the star of the basket. More of that spicy creamy sauce for dipping. Yum!


Pumpkin cheesecake was on the menu for Fall. It was underwhelming. Very much reminded me of Libby's pumpkin pie mix. Not bad but unremarkable. 

I'd go back if I lived closer for fast tasty reasonably priced fish and chips on a regular basis. Keep your expectations in check and you won't be disappointed.



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