Stephanie Anderson

Extra Virgin has charmed me.

Stephanie Anderson

I was entirely nonplused when I heard these two (Debbie Mazar and her husband Gabriele)  were going to have a show. I was wondering why the hell they were commentating on Unique Eats-my new favorite show the past few months. She's an actress (I also wondered why she guest judged on a Top Chef Ep a few seasons ago too) and he's a musician. How did cooking expertise become a trademark? What did I miss?  I realize I am a busy woman but I keep connected with the who's who in the culinary world. They haven't registered on my richter meter.


It's a lifestyle show more than cooking and that's fine. As long as most of the action goes down in the kitchen. Being a hardcore foodie is a lifestyle for sure. And now they have chickens at their LA home. I am not sure if that is legal in city limits so that could be a fun storyline to follow.  Weren't there roof chickens in Sex and the City at one point?  Keeping Carrie awake?  I'd have gone over to that roof with a stainless steel axe but that's just me. Chickens may be ok, a cow is another story. Surely NYC is less Tolerant that Los Angeles?


Despite all the things that could put me off this show:

  • speech impediments (Mazar's trademark)
  • my deep disdain for children (they have two under the age of 10)
  • my disdain for Italian food 
  • A horribly out of fashion house decor (or is that "vintage"? I don't like that either but it's not my house and I feel like it's one step away from Hoarders). 

  Mazar is witty and her husband is painfully charming (what girl doesn't love that?). It's a win win despite all the pizza geeking out and pasta overload. I haven't wanted to eat anything made on that show but I seem to be in the minority when turning my nose up at pasta and pizza.


It's like an unscripted Modern Family. Two thumbs up.