Stephanie Anderson

Toto, it's not cold outside anymore

Stephanie Anderson

Spring comes early in the south. 88 degrees is just too warm to think of hot food, or even warm. 

Cold soups to the rescue! Many don't need cooking and most that do don't require much time. Get out your blender (or immersion blender)  or sign up for a cold soups hands on lesson. There's more to cold soup than vichyssoise. 

Today's soup is chilled pea, leek and mint. 

Cleaning leeks properly is imperative! They group up from the dirt and every crevice is a hiding place for grains of sand.

Saute your leeks after cleaning and chopping in a small amount of healthy olive oil. Do not let them get color, only soften.  simmer in 2 cups of chicken or vegetable broth and add in fresh or frozen peas, about 2 parts peas to one part leek.  Season to taste.

After 15 minutes turn off the heat and toss in a handful of mint leaves and puree til smooth (basil will work in a pinch). Chill at least two hours and serve with sour cream or yogurt. Whole grain rolls will make it a more substantial meal.


More hot weather ideas coming.