Stephanie Anderson

Impress you date! Hire a personal chef.

Stephanie Anderson

on Food and Dating


Restaurants can just be to distracting and full of variables you cannot control that presents too much risk for making sure your next important date is a real hit. You have to hope that their are decent chefs working that night, and hope it?s not too busy that they can focus on cooking quality food, you have to trust your reservation was mixed up, you are not seated next to any annoying dinners or heaven forbid any ex girlfriends or boyfriends. Then there is the restaurant?s waiters, are they in a good mood will the vegetables be cooked just the way you want and will your date enjoy your choice of restaurants? All that and then you still have to coax your date home afterwards. Scary, right? Clearly cooking at home sounds like a good option compared to restaurants, but not every one is blessed with the talents of a celebrity chef and you freaking out, swearing and sweating away in the kitchen between meals may not make for the most romantic occasion.

So what to do? Why not hire a personal/ private chef and server for the evening? This means you can dine in the comfort of your own home (no need to having to think of slick lines to get your date inside after dinner) and can make sure the environment is absolutely perfect. Go all out and make it as good as the most romantic restaurants you have been to.

If you are not sure exactly what your date loves or hates when it comes to food then make sure the chef has enough ingredients on hand for cooking several alternative dishes (including extra vegetables for vegetarian options) so that your date can choose from a small menu. Not only will having a private chef for the evening impress your date but will let you relax and focus on your date. After cooking and serving your main meal you will probably want the chef and waiter to leave by dessert time so that you have to luxury you wouldn't have in any restaurants to kick back, put the moves on and perhaps feed each other.