Stephanie Anderson

Restaurant Eugene . A Review

Stephanie Anderson
Places like these, ambiance is almost everything (but I fully expect excellent food to follow).  Eugene is a win in the looks department for certain. 

The service is top notch. Upon seating we ordered drinks. Me, a mixed cocktail from the bar and my dining companion a more modest beer. I had an issue with the remake of a whiskey sour. Frothed and rather flavorless- I didn't finish it . Normally I'd have two. 

Dinner felt like it would be an adventure simply from the menu view. The layout is borderline genius in this farm to table experience.

 Smaller less priced items on the top of each column lowering to more expensive and substantial dishes. After telling my companion "I never order salmon out"  I found myself being a hypocrite.  Was I ever glad to break a rule! Out came some of the most mouth meltingly silky salmon I've ever had. Next to me was some duck. It found it's way into my mouth as well. Equally impressive. Everything perfectly seasoned. Perhaps a slight al dente on my potatoes but I overlooked that amateur mistake. 

I suggest bypassing forgettable desserts for the cheese course to finish out the meal. You won't regret it (unless you have lactose issues of course).

Great spot for an educated foodie with a fat wallet.

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