Stephanie Anderson

Aria. A Review

Stephanie Anderson

I have been repeatedly now. This speaks highly of a restaurant. I am too adventuresome of an eater to be a repeat offender but this is one of those very rare experiences that simply must be repeated numerous times. 

I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for the noise level and a few other little nit picks.  I am here for the food though and atmosphere won't make or break things for me unless extreme.

That said, the food never disappoints. I have been four or five times now. I feel compelled to point out the bread put on the table. I can take or leave bread but not this bread. It 's a light heavenly focaccia I can only assume is made in house. I can't stop eating it until it is all gone. Served warm with a kiss of sea salt. It goes down so easy without butter. What a way to set the tone for what is to come!


Celery root soup with black truffles is perfect. Warm lobster cocktail flavorwise is perfect but my only gripe (I realize every chef has their own idea of a puree) is the potato puree is much too smooth and baby food like. Still, I'd order it again and hope for  more mouthfeel. Hasn't changed yet and maybe it won't but you see that doesn't stop me from ordering it again.

I always get the beef short rib. It is so flavorful and tender I haven't had it better anywhere. Nothing satisfies like beef. I have sampled risotto and scallops of companions. Divine. Exquisite plating never hurt anything either.

The desserts are another 4 out of 5. They aren't all perfect but some really excel like the chocolate valrhona pie.

Service is spotty sometimes. I can't tell if it's due to understaffing or lack of training for fine dining service. 

I will go back if only for the food and beautiful but noisy dining room.

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