Stephanie Anderson

Seasons 52. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

This location in the Perimeter mall lot area is beautiful (it is a chain after all what do you expect?).  Spacious yet warm and comfortable. You don’t immediately  know upon walking in that you’re in for a calorie controlled meal in a somewhat Houston’s setting (ok it’s a little more high end but low end on the calories).


It’s a little blasphemous to order a duck salad and the delicious skin of the duck is conspicuously absent. Alas that is how the salad is under 500 calories. Still delicious though.


The flatbreads are full of flavor. Namely the steak and mushroom with blue cheese. They have a recurring theme of using naturally well flavored ingredients so flavor shines without using fat to transport it.


Pork tenderloin with polenta is fantastically flavorful. Comfort food without the calories. Who needs to add guilt when trying to console oneself?


The mini desserts are portion controlled and lots of variety although the variety all comes in the same shot glass. 250 calories of full on flavor classics. Key lime, pumpkin, chocolate, tuxedo, red velvet and some surprises.  Dare you to have just one.


The service has been adequate to really excellent. No complaints. After three visits I expect to return for a 4th.  Predictably good and virtuous in a city full of sin.

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