Stephanie Anderson

J. Alexander. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

J. Alexander is a multi-location moderate range restaurant.  If you like Houston’s this won’t be a big change for you.  The Dunwoody location is spacious and consistent in my experience.  These types of places aren’t where foodies go out of their way to frequent but if you live in the area and want familiar predictable food for an office lunch or after work meal why not?

The ribs I tried were very tender and flavorful.  Smashed potatoes full of texture and comfort food flavor. Grouper with mango salsa is a fresh taste for spring and a very tasty lighter option if ribs aren’t your bag. The mac and cheese is as good as any. You mac heads need to try this.

The white chocolate cheesecake and carrot cake are not to be missed. Take some home for later if you must. The portions are generous here and you may not have room for a full on dessert. Don’t let that stop you from doggie bagging it.

Service is dependent on who your server is. I’ve been twice and possibly would return due to convenience of location (location really is everything for repeat business). Nothing has rubbed me wrong but it is borderline forgettable.  Can’t you say that about most every chain?

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