It's 10 days into Vegetarian month. Have you been adding more produce into your daily diet? I have! Tonight's quick cook turned leftover brown rice into something fast, incredibly tasty and incredibly nutrient rich. It is a 10 minute meal if you have leftover rice! Promise.

In my renaissance organics box this week I had broccoli, garlic, yellow onion and avocado among other goodies. All these went into my rice.


This recipe is paragraph style. Much of it you will do to your own taste so I am loosely suggesting amounts. It's easy to put together and hard to mess up!




raw cashews

cooked brown (or white) rice  amt will depend on how many you are feeding

raw ripe avocado

vegetable or chicken stock

seasoning to taste

Garlic cashew rice with broccoli and avocado

In a large skillet over medium heat sautee up diced onion and broccoli florets (save the stems for the juicer!) in a Tbsp of olive oil. While they are cooking away  start to mince up garlic and I don't mean one clove, this is garlic rice. Put in 2-3 cloves. Add them once the onion has some color on it and the broccoli starts to soften. The garlic burns quickly and will get bitter.

Get your brown (or white) rice out--cook some fresh if you need to but let it cool off on a large flat sheet tray or plate before adding it too the saute pan. Put the rice in after the garlic has been softening for 2 minutes. That raw taste is not good in this particluar application even though I encourage it in many others.  Now add in half a cup of stock. Vegetable or chicken, it is up to you how vegetarian you want to be. I am more interested in you eating more vegetables not necessarily giving up meat.  Mix the contents of the skillet very well and let it go over the heat and add in:

a handful of hand chopped raw cashews and let them warm through, another 1-2 minutes.

Taste seasoning. Do not season until the end. The stock will add plenty on its own as does the rice, onion, garlic and avocado.

Garnish with long slices of avocado and serve warm.

This dish is loaded with fiber, healthy fats and vitamin C. Enjoy!