Stephanie Anderson

Oak Street Cafe. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Just off the Krispy Kreme intersection in Dowtown Roswell you will find Oak street and on it is the Oak Street Cafe.

There is some major word on the street about the magnificent burger here but I was in a brunch state of mind. I have a burger date in the near future with Oak Street Cafe but not today.

The brunch crowd here is not the after church crowd. It's locals mostly. Dark walls so that morning sun isn't too harsh, window shades ensure it.  Blood red walls, dark floors and lots of fun paintings keep it casual feeling. Brunch or burgers should never be stuffy or formal.

The brunch menu is basic. No waffles, but plenty of gorgeous omelettes, one pancake option as well as french toast. Lox and  bagel platter as well as a lox omlette options. half order french toast

The grits are impossibly creamy without being too rich. Cooked in milk and they stay loose but not watery. So good they don't even need cheese but have cheese added if you must.

French toast is basic baguette. Half order is generous!  Chicken apple sausage is link style, split and grilled. Flavorful and not greasy. 

Plain and Sesame bagels were the option for my lox platter. light toasting and the cream cheese is dilled up. Delicious!

Brewed coffee is good quality but a bit weak for my taste. They do have espresso and latte options. 


Plenty of young cheerful staff and very fast service. I definitely will return.

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