Stephanie Anderson

Pig n Chik. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Ah the bbq joints in the south are a dime a dozen. I for one enjoy this fact. This Sandy Springs location offers some good basic one stop shop for your bbq cravings in the area. 

I will warn the inside is like a sports bar-sports on the wall, on the televisions and coming out of the speakers (it's horrifying!). It's horribly off putting for a woman and it was all female diners when I was in there. It's not a sports bar and it was giving my brain a little bit of disconnect as I ate my plate of food. 

I will do take out in the future to avoid the unsavory environment because the food is just fine.  Ribs completely fell of the bone to the point I had to eat them with a fork and knife. This is a good thing.  Three saucing options were on my table, one of which is mustard base. I am digging this choice of sauce trend I first noticed at Heirloom market. Chicken is smokey and flavorful.  

Mac and cheese is pretty basic but also pretty good. corkscrew pasta is their shape of choice at Pig n Chik. Coleslaw is tasty. Not too gloppy. Good crunch and flavor balance and long shreds versus a chop. Sweet potato tater tots are not to be missed. Small sweet crisp nuggets of goodness. Fried okra is bland but it's there. I know some hardcore orka lovers and they are looking out for you. 

It's certainly not the best in the city but it's close to work some days, service is quick and it's satisfying when BBQ is on the brain and nothing else will do. 


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