Stephanie Anderson

Tomo Japanese Restaurant. A Review.

Stephanie Anderson

This place has some serious word of mouth. I had to find out for myself what all this good hype was about.

As you would expect Japanese decor to be it is calm and serene yet modern. I notice more Asians than non Asians dining there. This raised expectations even higher. Fear not .  Spoiler alert: I'll tell you now it did not disappoint at any point.

This isn't a sushi restaurant so your cooked food lover friends can join in culinary safety. Not all the rolls are raw either. Bring the haters for they will be as pleased as you are.

I was instantly delighted to see Hamachi collar on the menu. I insisted each diner at the table get their own. I sure as hell am not sharing mine. Not even a bite. This is one of the more awkward items you will ever eat but also one of the most delicious. I liken it to the fish equivalent of bone marrow. Meltingly sinfully delicious.  Get over yourself and pick it up and suck the flesh off like you were eating a rib. I realize this is not dignified Asian table manners but there's just no way around it and you can't waste a morsel of delicate meat. Neck meat.  It is simply but perfectly grilled. 

Spicy tuna roll is more just a sassy tuna roll. It is delicate and delicious with only a mild warmth. It's quite perfect and more clean tasting that a creamy junked up roll (I love any version if to be fair). This is how spicy tuna is done with a classy twist. 

I was intrigued by the  garlic yellow tail roll. The yellowtail is tempura cooked and topped with lots of peppery microgreens. The real oddity was a ponzu gorgonzola sauce sparingly blanketing the plate before the roll was put on it.  Delicate , balanced, unique, warm and absolutely delicious. 

The sushi grade cooked salmon was heavenly for the cooked food lovers. Generous size with a rather intense mushroom teriyaki demi.  Crispy skin and tender flesh make this a gem for any salmon lover.


I was excited to see some more Americana pleasing desserts. The whole green tea and fruity desserts leave me cold.  Chocolate mousse and Mil crepe, now you're talking!

Promptly ordered both and the server informed me the owners wife makes the desserts (is that in lieu of a pastry chef? Because she is doing a damn fine job)

The mousse had intense satisfying deep chocolate flavor. It's shaped in a dome and place atop a very thin slice of cake as the base. Presented beautifully which only adds to the exquisite deliciousness.

My highlight of the entire night was the Mil crepe. I absolutely squealed in delight when it came to the table and felt tears of joy when it dragged the spoon lightly thru the delicate layers of brandy whipped cream and paper thin crepes. Simply heaven. No other words for something so simple yet so delicate and creamy satisfying. Why don't more restaurants offer this!? 

Mil Crepe


 Great service, low noise level and excellent food. Do not miss Tomo.  10 out of 10.



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