Stephanie Anderson

Bacchanalia. A review.

Stephanie Anderson


I arrived for a milestone birthday and had such very high hopes and expectations for a flawless fine dining experience.  Lovely modest sized space behind a very much frequented white provisions shop where I buy cheese, cured meats and coffee fairly regularly. It’s really quite lovely inside and smaller than I had imagined due to the big reputation. This certainly lends to the very personal service and quiet dining room.

I will say the service here is without question the best I’ve had in any fine dining restaurant in Atlanta. I wanted for nothing and was charmed just below the point of annoyance, which of course is the point of perfection. The bartender full of wine game as I would expect. Fellow diners are the usual suspects of business expense accounts and special occaioners like myself.

Beautifully creative menu that changes as availability of produce and proteins allow. As it should be. The starter courses were perfectly delicious but the kitchen sent out a complimentary single bite tasting between each course and each was really just plain awful.  One being a soup that I cannot better liken better to anything than Campbell’s.  Salty and tinny.  Over salted food is really just never seen in fine dining.  That’s the most memorable part of the meal it was so bad.  My duck entrée had absolutely no skin which of course is the holy grail of duck breast and really, aside from pork, is king of protein in fine dining. Speaking of pork, the loin entrée is delicious and flawless. I cannot fault it.

The chocolate valrhona cake is divine.  Beautiful presentation and the flavor you expect from anything valrhona. Coffee is perfection as well.

The lack of consistency in the meal really let me down. I have no desire to return or to recommend it to other.  I felt heartbroken when I left. No way to spend a special birthday.



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