Stephanie Anderson

Holeman and Finch. A Review.

Stephanie Anderson

Adventuresome foodies rejoice! The hype is true. Do not miss going a time or two. More than once is needed simply because there is too much goodness to be tried in one visit. I happened to FINALLY end up here because  it’s very late night and my date is a fellow foodie. It wasn’t time to go home yet. We wanted more food and after 11 it’s slim pickins in the city. Waffle house and Landmark diner aren’t worthy.

It’s southern heavy,  farm to table,  inspired and fantastic.  Strong showing in the bar. Notable wine, beer and liquor selection can hold its own.

For godsake the caramel corn has bacon lardon in it. Get it!

Raw oysters, can’t pass them up. My date and I are always fans. Standardly delicious but note that they do offer then. Maybe would have one upped ourselves to get the cornmeal fried version. Next time for sure.

Not on the menu as obviously it’s seasonal, ham wrapped ramps grilled smokey deliciousness. Oh I love some off the menu items. I knew it was a good call when off the clock servers were getting plates of it.

You can see charcuteire hung and drying in the glass walls around and over the door. Now that is some ambiance I can enjoy! Lively knowledgeable servers, great bar area. I am hooked. I can’t wait to get my tail back in there for the burger. If only I am so lucky. If they run out there are 18 other items on my list to check off.

P.S. The host or manager maybe (something other than chef or server)  is a dead ringer for Alton Brown. Just sayin. Holeman & Finch Public House on Urbanspoon