Stephanie Anderson

Annie's Thai Castle. A takeout review.

Stephanie Anderson

I figure a takeout experience is important in Asian cuisines as so many of them end up that way. 

Annie's is a bit more expensive than many other Thai joints around town and it could be due to its Buckhead location but when you want and even NEED pad thai who cares?

As per my usual MO when eating in a new Thai joint I have the barometer that is exercised in full. That being masaman and pad thai.  The curry is very decent. It's the gorgeous balance of sweet, creamy and spicy you want from that dish.  The pad thai should be call pound thai. That is one HEAVY takeout container. I suppose there is no way to make less than a pound of that but be assured you can share with whoever else is eating with you or save it for tomorrow's lunch.  It was fine but nothing memorable or spectacular. The side spring roll was a bit greasy but otherwise tasty. Dipping sauce has a more watery than syrupy texture but it didn't make me want it any other way.

They seem to stay decently busy accomodating neighborhood regulars. I will go back for work lunch takeout but not likely for dine in service.


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