Stephanie Anderson

Star Provisions. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

This is a fine specialties shop. The finest of them. It’s fit for chefs like me who need the finest of fine ingredients to appeal to demanding clients and foodies that cook. You demand the same quality. This is the place procure sometimes difficult to find meats, seasonings, cheeses and fish that isn’t for sale in Whole foods.

 Inside the marketplace, yes it is a bit cluttered like a very expensive garage sale,  you will find more than just wares for your dining table and bar.   A proper cheese shop with a proper cheese monger.  Beautiful big wheels of dairy cut and sold by weight. A proper butcher where you can get fine fish, kobe beef and venison. Proper cured meats hanging in a climate controlled room. Bulk containers of what seems like a dozen types of salt to enhance or inspire the raw materials.  Dancing goats coffee outpost to enjoy a cup while you browse or buy in bulk to make at home.

Once you’re done buying your goods head over to the café. Fancy a sandwich? Salad? Pot pie? You got it. Communal dining or take out and of course as you’d expect, high prices.  Dare I say it’s all worth it. I go out of my way to shop here. 

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