Core Fusion Challenge has commenced


Have you ever intentionally REALLY challenged yourself? You know, just to see how strong you are
physically? About a decade ago I hired a personal trainer, and she single-handedly pushed me, as was
her job, to a point I had absolutely no idea I could I reach. The body is a truly amazing machine, and
until you test its limits you may be entirely unaware of what yours is capable of. We're not all destined
to be Olympic level athletes but all of our bodies love to move. They were made to move. So why not
move them? My relationship with my trainer morphed into a rather successful business pairing in
another endeavor, and while my personal training sessions came to an end, the increased confidence they imparted me with allowed me to move on to do great things.
Those sessions also taught me how capable I am of being disciplined when I want to be. It is a fantastic
feeling. I have decided to use that discipline to challenge my body again. You have the ability too. You may not believe you do, but I KNOW you do.
I am setting up a 6 week challenge that involves doing core fusion 4x a week for 6 weeks. If you're
not familiar with this “arse” kicking, sweat inducing workout, check out exhale spa (http:// or for the at-home DVDs. This is not jumping around like a jackass.
This is an hour long kick-your-muscles-till they beg for mercy heart pumping workout. Heck, even as
someone who exercises regularly, I can't do a full hour of it. However, with diligence, you can increase
your endurance at anything fairly quickly. The body is awesome like that.
I went to my first class in 2011 at Exhale in Atlanta and fell in love with the beautiful facility. The class
was near torture but I did the best I could. I modified what I had to so I could keep moving until the 55
minutes were over. Ever since then I have wanted to be able to get through one of those classes with as much finesse as the advanced attendees.
I know I will have days where I can't walk without complaining (to myself, because honestly, no one wants to hear anyone complaining) but with the reassuring knowledge that it only takes a few nights of good rest to feel like new. (And maybe some magnesium oil rubdowns). All in all, making it through those days will give me another achievement to feel great about in 2012. I can add it to my other great moments this year, swimming with stingrays , becoming a life and dating coach and getting involved in television.
Follow me or better yet, JOIN ME. You'll be glad you did. I promise.