Making garlic oil. The possibilities are endless.

I am cooking up some garlic shrimp pasta tonight. I can't think of a better way to ensure a solid infusion of garlic flavor than with some homemade garlic oil.  If I/you are going to make it, go ahead and make enough to use over the next few weeks. Dress your salad, baste your chicken and seafood, drizzle into your beef or vegetarian burger mix, dip your bread, finish your roasted or mashed potatoes or other roasted vegetables,

put in your eggs, start your pasta sauce base and so on. You get the garlic picture. 


First thing is first. You have to make it so you have it to do all the aforementioned tasty uses.

You don't have to buy the finest oil you can find. Save that for using straight up. This oil is going to be on the cusp of a rolling boil. Don't use the tender extra virgin in this applicaiton. 

Unload a fresh full head of garlic (separate each clove from its paper case) .  You can only use freshly peeled garlic for this. Any garlic that has been prepeeled or prechopped has lost most of its delicious flavor. I consider them useless and won't touch them. Garlic powder shouldn't be in your pantry either. If you hate chopping, buy a press. Using more of prechopped/pre peeled garlic doesn't give it more flavor. The flavor caps out at a certain point. Like boiling water, once it hits that boil it doesn't get hotter. It evaporates.

Now for the oil. Put two cups of it into a medium saucepan and put the cloves in while the oil is still cold. This will start the extraction process naturally. After 10 minutes put the pan over medium heat and walk away for about 10 minutes. It will be bubbling gently (do not cover!). Every bubble means more flavor. The cloves should not have any color on them at this point. If they do lower the heat. This is why you leave the cloves whole. Garlic quickly burns when it is chopped or slivered. After 5-10 more minutes the garlic will have a small amount of browning. Turn the heat off and let it cool fully for at least an hour. 

Store it in a glass jar with a screw top lid. You can leave it on your counter for 4-5 days then it should be refrigerated until you use it up.