Stephanie Anderson

Heirloom Market BBQ. A review.

Stephanie Anderson
If you don't know what you're looking for you will drive right past this little gem. Heirloom Market BBQ is next to a horrifically overly signed minimart. Limited parking and limited seating. Be ok with getting it to go. Doors open at 11 am and that is the second the crowd rushes in.  Within 120 seconds of opening 12 people were in line for these tasty eats.  It's cramped but impressively clean despite all the bottles of different sauce around the room (outdoor seating has a delicious view of the grills and is also very clean). That's where the love happens. The indoor kitchen is entirely open to view.   That may be a first for me to see in a BBQ joint (this is a joint, a very good joint).

Some items not available daily are listed on a chalkboard to compliment the regular lineup of offerings. People were ordering this much talked about crispy tofu. I am now sorry I didn't order it.
I ordered brisket and ribs combo.  The ribs are large, impossibly meaty and tender. Brisket is well trimmed and sliced thick. Good beef flavor. It's all too apparent care and though has gone into the cooking process of these cuts. I find pulled pork hellaciously boring but it's there for those of you that love it. Chicken too. The meats come to you unsauced so you truly can have it your way. I opted for the Kitchen. A basic sauce, slightly sweet, perhaps a bit too loose and vinegary but we all have our own tastes. I will be back to try the Korean sauce and that crispy tofu!

Sides: The potato options is fries. Generally I get the potato option but wasn't in a fry mood for some bizarre unknown reason. I opted for the mac. It's velveeta colored but not velveeta flavored. Shell pasta perfectly cooked in a creamy rich well flavored sauce.  The slaw is lightly dressed with some creamy slightly sweet grain mustard dressing. 

On final though, these are the best ribs I've ever eaten. They don't even need sauce.

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