Stephanie Anderson

Zoes Kitchen. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Fast fresh food, Mediterranean style. Zoes is a chain. As far as chains go you could do worse but I am not here to judge your drive thru habit. I am guilty of it too.  It's the American way. 


The Buckhead location is in the same strip as FLIP burger. What I like about Zoes as a fast fresh option is that it's a step past sandwich, salad and soup.  Add in to that kebabs and rice pilaf. Granted the rice can get a bit salty but if you're used to eating super fresh food you are also sensitive to even a salt shake too much.  I've found it overcooked most of the time so keep your expectations in check. It is still edible.

Now for the soups.  It's getting into soup weather so this is a real draw. Take out soup! Chicken orzo and Tomato bisque are the essentials here. Both flavorful and satisfying.  The orzo soup is like a homey chicken soup you'd make yourself with lots of stock vegetables.

Low carbing? A kebab is right up your alley! Refreshing grilled quick food. I'd prefer it over rice but I know how freakishly obsessive carb watchers can be.   Chose steak, chicken, shrimp or all veg.  Put it over salad greens if you must.

I am a fan of the roll ups. Steak in particular. While it is low on fillings (these are not large in circumference) it is big on flavor. Nice balance of onion, cheese, mushrooms and oddly, swiss cheese.  Served with creamy lemon sauce and rice it's a satisfying meal. Perhaps a bit overpriced but one does have to pay for convenience. 


Of course you can find hummus plates, fresh fruit and vegetable options, white beans and slaw. It's a solid option for vegetarians with plenty of meaty options for you mixed couple diners.  It's also kid friendly. Keep that in mind if you need a place to bring your kids and if you want to avoid a place that has kids.  I am here to inform.

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