Stephanie Anderson

Murphy's. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Dare I say Murphy's is almost an institution in Atlanta. It's nestled into the heart of Virginia Highlands and I can't imagine it will ever go away. Why would it?

Inside you will find a wine shop, a bar area, outdoor climate friendly seating and a bakery. The inside dining area is cozy! It's expansive but many walls and homey decor make it feel incredibly intimate. The charm is undeniable. The waitstaff will charm you as well. 

Monday's are meatless. The meat is still on the menu but the beautiful bountiful produce available to atlanta is showcased on a meatless option menu. Brunch is popular here and you will find some brunch like items on the lunch menu if you happen to have a hankering for it on a weekday. Omlettes are always a good idea.

The grilled artichoke starter is a winner. Three large split, de pricked and grilled til tender. The lemon aioli perfectly compliments them. I would refrain from ordering them on a date but have at it if your and old married couple or with your pals.

The fried green tomato sandwich is a triumph.  Tangy crunchy green tomatoes served up with a spicy jalepeno spread and gamey goat cheese to smooth it out. Grilled light brioche bread slices hold it all together. I loved it.  

Caesar salad has a delicious addition of fried onions to pair with the petite croutons. Light fresh dressing that is never accused of being gloppy.

It's a great spot for ladies and business lunch. Dinner more of a relaxed scene but with finer foods that won't necessarily break the wallet. 






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Bakery is just incredible. Don't miss the key lime pie.