Stephanie Anderson

Ten Atlanta. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

Forget everything you knew about Ten pre August 2013. Enter new slate (or concept in restaurant terms) Chef Duc Tran and his creative Euro Asian menu. Tran is an immigrant from Vietnam (Com Vietnamese may be where you better know his talents) and brought his dream for a better life to Atlanta and we local eaters are the better for it.   Tran's love of his heritage, travel experiences and of food are all evident in his cooking and evident if you have the pleasure of meeting him and seeing the joy he has in what he's doing.

Sure TEN is a night club after hours but during dinnertime the new revamped patio offers spacious seating and the interior stylish but comfortably inviting. You'll be taken care of by colorful, attractive attentive staff as you go on this taste vacation.  

On the lighter side fresh vietnamese spring rolls are a great option.  Mine had tender lobster claws tucked into crunchy vegetables. Others had sashimi tuna and salmon, each more tender and tasty than the other. I couldn't pick a favorite if I had to. 

Seafood carpaccio may be light but it packs a punch with flavor! Slices of tuna and salmon dressed with a light soy dressing and garnish of nori and sriracha!  

Korean surf and turf skewer. Who doesn't like a plate of land and sea?  Especially when it is melty tenderloin and perfectly cooked and seasoned shrimp? Get your own so you don't have to share.

One of my two favorites is the curried calamari and mussels. This dish is full of tender calamari rings and fat green mussels out of the shell. They are seasoned and fried then finished with basil pesto!  This is made for cocktails!  

Paris beef rilettes, especially paired with a nice red wine, is the simple elegance French food is known for. Brisket shredded and finished with clarified butter along with toasted baguette is wonderfully simple yet decadently rich.

Chicken paillard is also in tune with the classic simple French flair. Tender chicken pan seared and seasoned along with tender crisp green beans  topped with simply shaved parmesan.

Beef au poirve is not the pepper crusted brandy sauced classic you expect. It is entirely, and spectacularly different.  It is cubes of tenderloin, lots of red bell pepper, crunchy  julienne of onion and a dairy cream sauced delight over fries-poutine style.  The table couldn't stop eating long enough to shout out their taste delight! Generous portion on this but you won't want to share it.

Dessert is complimentary and delicious. Today was a tirimisu style treat and it was light yet perfectly satisfying after all the flavors we just experienced.  


curried calamari and mussels

curried calamari and mussels

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