Stephanie Anderson

Lucky's Burgers and Brew

Stephanie Anderson

Just outside Roswell square is this burger joint. It's quite clean which,it should be as food is prepared and served there, but when the namesake is a dog and the menu has dog breed named items and is dog friendly outside I was dubious.

First I had to get past the fact that burgers are named after dogs and not thinking my patty was made of a french poodle or german shepherd.  We frown on that in this country. 

The menu is whimsical but substantial. I can't comment on the beer heavy bar as I am not a beer person but the soft drinks are plentiful and refills are free.  

We got some mango BBQ chicken wings (hot classic style is available too) and kettle chips with blue cheese. Without question the chips were the best thing I ate the entire meal. Big, crunchy and fresh!  I found the wings to be a bit flabby. The sauce had nice sweetness but overall unremarkable. I didn't finish the 6 wings but I did finish the chips! 

 I decided on the German shepherd-beef patty with cambozola and candied bacon jam. One delicious combo more the style of FLIP.  Monday -Thursday before 4 ALL burgers are $8. I coughed up an extra buck and got TATER TOTS instead of the traditional sidecar of fries.  Tots aren't seen enough outside of the school cafeteria in my opinion.  They were hot , crisp and deliciously seasoned.  So far I am thinking Lucky's needs to be renamed to reflect the potato action happening.   If I had more room in my tummy I'd have tried the parmesan parsley fries. 

Dessert, Key lime pie and salted caramel cake.  Oh the horror of the flavor of the fridge permeating our sweets. The delicate pie filling had metallic and savory hints marring the key lime flavor. I found that same unpleansantness all over the icing of the caramel cake. Disappointing. Couldn't have more than 3 bites. 

Friendly attentive service. 

I was hoping to like Lucky's more as the menu is enticing but I overall can only give it 6.5 out of 10.  




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