Stephanie Anderson

Bones. A review

Stephanie Anderson

For years Bones has been cited as the best steak in Atlanta. I have yet to try it til now.  

It is quite the (wonderful) cliche men's steakhouse decor inside. That is fine in my book, and frankly, as it should be. Don't mess with a classic.  Dark, wood, cozy. 

Classic promising steakhouse menu. Always what I want on my birthday: bisque, red meat and red wine finishing with some chocolate extravagance.  Surely I can get all this of the highest caliber at Bone. Maybe. Maybe not.

My waiter seemed a bit unsuited for this type of restaurant.  He was also absent for 70% of my stay at the table.  Perhaps this is the Bone's way but it came without warning and left us feeling like an afterthought. The restaurant was entirely aware it is my birthday as noted by the birthday confetti on my table. This is their way to cover their tail without obnoxiously singing when the candle adorned dessert comes out. I am fine either way. 

My lobster bisque, hot, thick and standardly meaty was lacking a balance of flavor. I had to have my server bring the sherry from the bar to correct that. It made a world of difference but left me feeling like I had to cook on my birthday to get the level of flavor quality I expect.  

My glass of wine is fantastic and hoping the steak will redeem the night. We were being attended to by everyone except our waiter.  I opted for a bone in ribeye med rare.  Sides are generous enough to share and out came marcona almond green beans and truffle mashed potatoes.   Steaks arrived cooked to correct temp but really no seasoning and no sear thus giving an overall  blah feeling when eating it. SERIOUSLY? Our proverbial hearts sunk. oof. After a disappointing meal the night before and now this. I noticed the best steakhouse nod ended two years ago and I see why. The truffle potatoes were quite tasty, beans cooked perfectly.

I do warn, as an industry pro, do not eat out on Sundays or Mondays but sadly this year my birthday fell on a Monday and the curse of Monday is alive and well at Bone's.  The food surely has to be better than it is tonight.   What a heartbreak on a birthday huh?

Stick to Hal's. 


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