Stephanie Anderson

Roux on Canton. A review.

Stephanie Anderson

3 years and I've never noticed Roux on Canton. Then again it's easy to get your sign lost in the commotion that is Roswell square. On the same block as Pastis and Salt Factory pub you will find this creole style eatery.  Impressively clean.  Small tight space as is the norm in these parts but if you go off hours you'll have some peace. If you prefer the more the merrier then by all means, hit it up prime time.

While this is Creole themed it's not terribly authentic but it works.  You will find po boys, blackened this and that,  oysters, gumbo, etouffee, etc.

I got an small order of shrimp and grits. Well flavored with some jalepeno for a nice kick.  fried green tomatoes are a plate of tasty southern comfort. Nice remoulade alongside because we all love a dip.

Chipotle chicken wrap with blue cheese is tasty. Ceasar salad a little generic. I don't think of those as creole but a menu aims to please the masses and this one does just that.

Warm free beignets are a win.  I do enjoy warm fried dough doused with icing sugar. 

Laid back staff suits the overall vibe.

I don't know if I will return but I did enjoy my visit.


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