Mint sometimes can be an awkward and even forgotten about ingredient. In other cases it can really make a dish. You may have it growing as a wild weed in your yard. You may have sipped it in your southern glass (iced tea or mint julep). You may have had it in jelly for with your lamb.  All valid mint applications.

My mint use of choice without question is the watermelon feta salad. The salad simply is not at its very best without this key ingredient. The proportion of each component is critical as well. When it all comes together in perfect balance it is the most refreshing plate of cold food you could ever concot.

My ideal:

2.5 parts seedless cubed watermelon 


1 part small cubed feta cheese

finish with balsamic reduction, olive oil, a kiss of sea salt and somewhat sparingly chiffonade of mint.

Serve cold or cool.