Community Q BBQ. A Review.

Another strip mall bbq gem in the metro area (if you consider Decatur metro?)   You will find it next to Bhojanic Indian. 

Country store decor as is appropriate. It has more seating than Heirloom Market but less than Fox Bros. I call it a happy medium.

I ordered my standard fare of pork ribs and brisket. Mac n cheese and brunswick stew sides (not usual but it sounded good at the time). My friend got similar plate but baked beans in addition to.

I will say the ribs and brisket are delicious. Tender, light smoke taste and not overly sauced. Two sauces are on the table, mustard based and an overly sweet uncomplex Kansas city style. Ribs are meaty and easy to eat (as opposed to a sloppy mess and I don't say sloppy mess like it's a bad thing).  Brisket is lean but not too lean and tender as you would expect from a proper cook.  

The side are a gamble. The mac n cheese is rigatoni a noodle with a cheddary sauce, high fat creamy comfort and a safe bet for satisfaction.  The baked beans LOOKED like they would taste divine but they did greatly disappoint. No complexity. Neither of us wanted more than one bite. The stew suffered the same offense. I gave it two bites hoping the second would be better than the first. No luck. 

Free parking! It's a lot so nothing fancy (you weren't wearing your ball gown to your Q dinner were you?) but when it's free who cares?

Go for the mains, sides are at your own risk.  7 out of 10. 6 for food and a plus 1 for friendly staff.




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