Burger this, burger that.

Here I sit typing, supposedly one of the Atlanta restaurant experts (or at least a semi popular one) and had not one inkling about this. I spied yesterday a beloved Five Guys location no longer there. Instead I see this foreigner called "Cheeseburger Bobby's" you know, because Atlanta is in such dire need of more burger options. I may actually mean that considering my first visit vs. last visit to Flip were entirely different flavor experiences. Oh how far we fall, Flip. Farmburger and Smashburger all left me cold never to return. Flip joined that rank. Five Guys never let me down. Granted I only go 2-3x a year but it's comforting knowing it was there

Five Guys to me leaves NOTHING to be desired. It's pure joy. Honestly I don't particularly care if my burger is dine in, take out or drive thru. I just want it to be satisfying. Making one at home suits me just fine too.  I haven't had a $12 burger yet that can rival a good cast iron seared patty. And this silly trend of turning everything but the beef into a burger is ridiculous. I can abide a vegetarian patty in all it's creative forms, even a few unconventional toppings on beef but is lamb, fish, turkey and such all something you think of and wish it was ground up, fried and put in a bun or bun replacement? There are far better applications for those proteins. 

No more burger joints please. Bobby I will come try your custard now that it's heating up outside but I fully expect it not to compare to the custard of Jersey. 

The businesswoman Stephanie says, "building a concept based exclusively on a fad or trend is not a sustainable business model." That's just me.