I attended a Blue Bell tasting recently to experience the launch of the newest flavor, Italian Cream Cake. I sampled a lineup of regular and rotational flavors (quarterly offerings that is).  This is a dairy that is more than 100 years old, starting with butter and evolving into ice cream making. They even have a coffee table book ! 

Vanilla is the hallmark of this brand and in states where it’s sold is regarded as one of the highest rated vanilla ice creams on the market. Fresh natural distinct vanilla flavor and a perfectly creamy base.

The cookies and cream is such a classic now. They bake their own cookie and cake pieces at their Texas production plant. Every other cookie is filled so the filling doesn't overwhelm the sweet cream base.


If you can find it the Key Lime Pie is absolutely spectacular. The lime tang magically manages to keep the rich ice cream flavor light and refreshing with all the creaminess you get from a pie. Naturally there are graham cracker pieces and a whipped topping swirl.    Key lime pie 


Southern Blackberry Cobbler has a nostalgic taste. The berry cobbler is bright and spot on in flavor. 


Rocky Mountain Road really got my attention. I am a chocolate girl and definately like lots of texture to contrast the creaminess and this delivered threefold. Three kinds of nuts each with a different kind of chocolate coating and  a thick marshmallow swirl. Rich cocoa chocolate flavor in the base. I had seconds of this one!




The star is the Italian Cream Cake . It absolutely delivers in both flavor and satisfying texture. Vanilla ice cream with italian cream cake, coconut shreds, chopped roasted pecans and cream cheese icing swirl. Southern much?  

Italian cream cake will make you a bit sad you don’t have a bigger freezer to stockpile it. Enjoy while it lasts!