Many years ago, 15 perhaps, I recall Wendy's (yes the drive thru window Wendy's) had a wrap of sorts (not the raw nasty tortilla wrap we know today) but a warm bread full of salad and lots of flavor. I was very partial to the greek salad  version and felt a bit of food heartbreak when the were taken out of circulation.  I haven't been back since (ok I did have a spicy chicken sandwich 2 years ago that gave me spicy hiccups).


This weeks box has inspired me, along with flatout flatbreads, to recreate this at home.  


What I am using from my organics delivery box?

Dill and lemon (in the creamy dressing-refer to my ranch dressing post and make it a bit looser with extra lemon and a bit of water if you like)


red leaf lettuce

spinach leaves


add in:

red onion (put my new spiralizer to use for this)

crumbled feta

tomatoes if you like

add in chicken if you'd like something with animal protein but the flatbread already has 9 grams!

Flatout flatbread in your flavor of choice

The flatbread is very floppy and soft so if you warm it even for a full minute it will be a bit more brittle and will affect the foldability. If you want to make it a salad pizza crisp it up in the oven for 5-7 mins.


Assemble lettuces, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and spinach on top of your prepared flatbread. Sprinkle over a tablespoon or two of crumbled feta and spoon over your fresh creamy dressing to taste. Serve immediately before bread gets too damp.