Something to sip about! It's summer- Refresh with Savida Sangria!

I have quite a sangria reputation. I feel this gives me an edge in discussing such  matters.  Sangria is one drink, if not the only drink, I actually prefer to have with company (a drunk women in public just isn't how we classy gals roll).  Wine is serious business, sangria just FEELS fun and social. After all it's wine that has a party inside.


Savida isn't that bottom shelf variety you know from decades ago, not at all. This is a bottle you don't have to hide in the back of your pantry. I tried both varieties of Savida this week. You did know of this creature called white sangria, don't you? Why should red have all the VIP treatment? There is enough fruit to go around. What is unique to Savida is there is no added sugar. Just the natural sweetness of the unique fruit combinations. This in turn allows those fruits to really shine.  When I say unique I am not tossing that around like 2 week old laundry. Unique as in passionfruit, elderberry and strawberry. The white has a nice citrusy swag going on in the form of tangerine, peach and lemon.  When sangria is all you do you tend to have it perfected. 

Get your iced up glass and pour away. Lower alcohol content than full on wine means lightweights like me can enjoy this by the glassfuls! I don't mind if I do.