My nutrition training doesn't include gimmicks or trends but I do work to keep on top of what is going on in that world due to client necessity. Different programs work for different needs and I need to be on top of them so I can coach people in their chosen method/suggest an optimal method for health goals.

That said, 7 weeks deep into my operation "Lower Stephanie's Blood Pressure" I do look foward to those 2 days a week that I don't eat much over 500 calories. Long before now my stomach capacity has shrunk so it takes very little for me to be full and satisfied on the days I do eat.  The empty spaces are smaller so the hunger is diminshed. I learned what really diminshes is all day long: sipping grapefruit juice (mixed with water and apple cider vinegar).  It's a wonderfully alkalizing drink and takes up half my calories of the day. Dinner around 6 pm comprises the rest.  If you take prescription medication check to see if grapefruit interacts with it before trying this.

My sleep patterns are a little off the past month. I don't need as much sleep but when I do sleep I sleep hard and dream big! Speaking of big, my custom jeans from the UK are no longer fitting. By August they won't stay up period. I hope that accompanies some perfectly healthy blood pressure. Stay tuned.