Stephanie Anderson

Coffee ice cream: A showdown.

Stephanie Anderson

By definition, a showdown reaches a conclusion. I am going to deliver mine today in the arena of the all important coffee ice cream.

By no means am I any sort of ice cream expert but I can talk trash with the best of coffee connoiseurs. It is my purest of life pleasures.  

Contender #1 the reigning champion: Haagen Dazs coffee. The original. Not the fake healthy "5".  

  Contender #2 is Trader Joe's Coffee Bean Blast

Ol' Haagen Dazs looks incredibly unassuming. It is dense super premium ice cream but it's just beige. No frills until you taste it.  Rich deep coffee flavor that isn't lost in all the cream and sugar but rather enhanced by it.  

Trader Joe's has that same blah beige color but it's fancied it with finely ground espresso beans. It's the same foolery of vanilla beans in vanilla ice cream. It doesn't actually make it taste better but your eyes can fool you into thinking it is possibly superior to a product that lacks such adornments.  The flavor here isn't as intense and in turn not as satisfying as the reigning champion but a valiant effort.   

What to opt for at Trader Joe's instead? The outrageously uniquely delicious Lemon gingersnap ice cream. It's in a league all of its own. 


haagen dazs coffee (1).jpg