Stephanie Anderson

Alpine bakery and trattoria. A review.

Stephanie Anderson


Deep in the hood, the suburbs hood that is you will find Alpine bakery and trattoria.  The waitress, a longtime employee surprisingly told me many dining room guests have no idea there is a bakery there (nevermind that's part of the name and Americans are getting too lazy to read full words because of text shorthand).

What a great vibe inside! Yes I know I am an Italian food hater but I love dessert!  Live piano music and not the noise level you find in some more centrally located restaurants. 

When you enter  to your left is the dining room and to your right is the bakery. You will be torn but relax, you don't have to choose. It is America and we do it our way here.  More is more. 

The lunch and dinner menu are standard issue italian. Comfortable salads and starters, every pasta grandma made (or chef boyardee if that's the house you grew up in) along with picatta, marsala etc.  Decent wine and liquor selections along with house cocktails. 

I shared the fried combo appetizer (dessert is coming) of sausage stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari and clams.  Mushrooms are generically good, calamari same verdict but the clams were disappointing. 

Entrees, Eggplant parm (they have a fun twist of sliced egg layered in) in a generous serving but sadly the angel hair was not drained well. a puddle on the plate but otherwise a tasty dish.  Veal marsala I'd describe as neighborhood joint good.  the sauce was a bit gloppy vs silky but good flavor. The real star of the entrees was the cripsy risotto cake on the plate of marsala. It stayed crunchy til the last bite, crazy creamy inside and all around intoxicating.  I almost forgot about dessert but not quite.

Since I had earlier cased the pastry cases I knew I was ordering multiple items, some to go. There was so much coconut I was in heaven.  My tombstone will read "It is not over til the coconut lady sings."  And sing I did!  Traditional cannolis, cream cakes, cheese cakes, layer cakes and tarts. The cupcakes are darling and no doubt delicious. 

My coconut layer cake was so homemade tasting!  soft, moist and full of whipped cream layers. I was in heaven. By bite 3 I realized they are whipping enough cream in the bakery to blanket the northern hemisphere. Fortunately for us it all fits into cake layers at Alpine.  I also got a coconut square that is enough for two. two layer cake, one layer cream and covered in chocolate and coconut along with a coconut truffle. Oh almond joy of joy I love you. 

Great service, attentive wait staff and hostesses. I will return.

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