What a lifestyle inspiration Fitbit is!

This is not a paid ad, I know before I even write this it will sound like one. I do not do paid endorsements. Not yet anyway.

I practice healthy lifestyle habits as many of us do, and many of my readers are working toward doing. I got a fitbit out of real curiosity. How well I am sleeping? Sure, it will let me know. Granted I know I sleep well 98% of the time but I like assurance like everyone else. Am I moving my body enough on a daily or mostly daily basis? The key here is a fitbit is so sensitive to your movement it will let you know. Just how it lets you know how restless you are during your slumber.

The creative soul I was born has morphed into an equally numbers geek soul.  Fitbit shows you cold hard stats and I find them addictive. I am on day 7 of my fitbit relationship and so far, it is a crush. Love may bloom but for now it's got my attention every waking hour and even follows me into my sleep.

How does one get 10k steps each day? That is the default amount Fitbit will assign you. Increase it if you dare. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.   When you really want something you will find a way. 

Creative ways to get my steps in when I can't get to the park for a run or walk:

1. Go up and down every aisle in the supermarket even if I am going in for 2 or 3 items.

2. Go up and down my stairs 3x instead of 1x. 

3. Jog or march in place while I watch the morning news while the coffee brews

4. Jog in place during every commercial break for a one hour TV show. 8 commercials for me is about 3500 steps. I move fast in those 3 minutes! 

5. Longer walks/jogs at the park on days I don't work or have a little extra time to do it. That alone hits my 10k steps and ends up totally nearly 15k steps so I can bank them for a more restful day during the week. We aren't in top shape every single day and pushing oneself too hard will only result in burnout. The arch nemesis to any healthy lifestyle transitioner. 

6. Walk around during a phone conversation. 500 steps easy.

7. A walking meeting? Yes! I have an unconventional lifestyle and businesses so this is a possibility for me from time to time. Sitting is so last year.

8. Admittedly I have stooped to a few feet taps in the shower while I get the conditioner in my hair situated. I find the shower so boring as it is this livens it up and invigorates me more than usual.

9. Take  3 trips instead of 1 to bring groceries in from the car.

10. Park far away from the bank and walk around the building when doing my banking inside. (I go to the bank often so this adds up fast for me over a week)

11. Walk around the gas station while the pump fills up your tank.

12. March in place while I style my hair and brush my teeth.  Why waste those 10 minutes just standing there? besides that bloodflow only improves new hair growth! It's a beauty treatment too.

13.  The stepmachine in my den gets a workout during a favorite 30 minute tv show to get me halfway there with added cardio benefit (nevermind my killer legs). 

14.  Take a "walk around the building 4x break" periodically throughout the day.

Maybe perhaps this can get some people less obsessed with selfies and more self obsessed with what's going on inside? 

I find this little gadget so inspiring I started a challenge for my staff.  You can play along too!  It's a simple one. 90 days, 10k steps 5 of those days each and every week without fail. You can slip down to 5k a day to two of those days but I bet you get so addicted you come close or go over 10k everyday.  That one change will bring about many more effortlessly. I promise.



Fitbit flex is what I use.

Fitbit flex is what I use.