The Lonesome Dove-A Western Bistro. A review.

Right smack in the Fort Worth Stockyards is The Lonesome Dove. There was a recent fire but worry not, it's all back to good now.

Inside it's unassuming. Dark wood with western bistro decor as you'd expect. I was a bit surprised the waiters were outfitted in polos and khakis. The menu is game neatly tucked into upscale Americana. How refreshing to see a unique menu!  Foie, wild boar ribs, elk sausage sliders, buffalo, rattlesnake, rabbit and more familiar proteins for the less adventurous still looking for interesting flavors.

I couldn't resist lobster blue corn hushpuppies.  It sounded like a plate of heaven and indeed it was.  Looking like a plate of three big meatballs, once my fork sliced one open it was light tender and heavenly. Not a trace of oil. I shared one. They were simply too much for me to eat but I wanted to!

Hamachi tostadas were borderline insipid. Three almost fingertip sized corn chips with miniscule bits of hamachi garnished with other miniscule  tastes. This is not a way to treat precious hamachi.

Beet fries with goat cheese and wild boar ribs were next up on my plate.  More generous portions here. The beet fries are wedges, I assume roasted first then fried to get a grand crunch. Goat cheese finishes them nicely. 

Wild boar ribs were wonderfully tender but the sauce really tasted like what normally is the pool for baked beans to swim in. A bit more polish on that sauce and this would be a knockout. 

Wild Chicken Thighs, Grilled Brussels Sprouts and Sunchokes, Balsamic Aioli was wonderfully crispy! Homey yet elevated. This is exactly what I was expecting to get here. 

Great cocktail menu and full bar (of course).  Can't wait to go back for more adventuresome food. 




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