Cornish hens. The best yet. And a cleaning dilemma.

Cornish hens. The best yet. And a cleaning dilemma.

The new year is here and I've been down with the flu therefore no eating out, not much eating in either (the flu has a way of killing the appetite) . In my delirium and stir crazy-ness of being home, cooking is always my favorite way to kill boredom when stuck home alone. I can't have people around me making them sick too.

Enter the air fryer (aka new toy).

I soaked a cornish hen in lemon, raw garlic and rosemary for a few hours (after halving it and removing the backbone)  .  4 hours later I put both halves into the airfryer. While they had their first 10 minutes at 350 to render out, I reduced the marinade along with some chili flake and butter.  I brushed them at 10 minute intervals for a total of 23 minutes.  It not only is the best item to come out of the air fryer thus far it's also the best preparation of cornish hen I've ever tasted.  Tender, crispy and very flavorful.

Sidenote, I've always been a bit bothered by people putting everything in the dishwasher. Wasteful. WASTEFUL. Ok, lazy too.  That's just me though. The airfryer can be a little tricky to get clean as it is a fryer basket.  The basket and base are completely dishwasher safe.  Frankly I can't figure out a better or an equally effective way of getting it clean. After failed attempts to clean it with the brushes I use for my juicer basket,  I've gone from using the dishwasher once a month to once a week now. :/  I feel guilt every time too. Pans, knives and all my alcohol glasses still get a soapy bath in my sink.  It's a slippery slope into laziness. I won't fall off that cliff. 


Behold the bird with pureed cauliflower: