It's my toast and I'll eat it how I want to

It's breakfast in bed (still a bit under the weather) and an easy one at that. I eat this quite often for breakfast actually. Not just on a vegan week kick.

Enter wholemeal pumpernickel bread. Enter ripe avocado. Enter a fresh lemon. Toast that slice til it is good and crispy then smear over about a half of a ripe avocado and put a few drops of lemon and pink salt over it all.  Creamy, crunchy and nutritious. I've been known to have this for dinner with a small cup of butternut or creamy tomato soup on the side too.  I have trouble getting enough avocado into my diet and it's such a fantastic beauty food I make a point to find ways to eat it.


Other than on toast I put it on bean chili or in a salad with roasted chilled beets and orange. I find guacamole just invites too many unhealthy carbs and too much cal consumption of avocado taking it off the healthy road and onto the road of excess.