Stephanie Anderson

Alon's . Finally a review.

Stephanie Anderson

When I tell ANYONE in Atlanta that I've never been to Alon's the  gasps of shock are too countless to name at this point.  I do cook most of the food  I consume so why should it be a shock I don't frequent ready to eat bakeries and cafes?  Running 30 miles a week has sucked up some of my cooking time and increased my appetite so it's a perfect storm of needing some ready to eat fresh food.

Enter Alon's. Word on the street is the service is salty but food is consistently good. We're just here for the food, right?   Once you weed through all the outside tables and double entrance I found a deliciously spacious welcoming virtual wonderland of tasty bites. 

Today I have a sandwich in mind. After a long run my body wants some carbs and bread was on my brain. Too hot for cooked food today so I beelined to the sandwich spread. Surely a bakery has delicious bread surrounding equally tasty fillings? It's 2 pm now so they are pretty picked over ( good sign they are getting eaten so fresh batches are made daily). I saw an overstuffed caprese calling my name. Crusty, tender and tasty. My body feels happy now.

Word on the street is Alon's is overpriced. My fresh caprese sandwich wasn't much more than an a la carte big mac and it was more food than a boxed hot hamburger from the golden arches. Let's stop spreading the vicious pricing rumor. 

The baked goods are incredibly inviting. Real croissants! Not flabby no personality imposters.  I will be back for this reason alone. The cheese section is impressive. I know you, reader, likely love cheese. How? Because EVERY SINGLE TIME I mention to a person to give up most dairy at least for a little while to heal an ill the knee jerk response is "I LOVE CHEESE! I CAN'T GIVE IT UP!"  Which makes me wonder just how much cheese you are eating.  I just ate a cheese sandwich here, who am I to judge your dairy habits?

I found the staff helpful and smiling so let's stop spreading that vicious rumor too. 


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